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Free resizing 

All diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, excluding full eternity bands and alternative metals, may be resized again for free within 60 days of purchase. If you wish to resize your ring, please contact us. 

How to tell if your ring fits properly?

Your ring should feel comfortable without feeling loose nor should it leave indent marks on your finger. To examine if it fits perfectly, push your ring up from underneath and observe whether or not there is a small space between your ring and your finger. If the ring does not slide over your knuckle after forcing it a small bit when taking it off, the ring is tight and too small for you. When the ring turns 360 degrees easily while moving your hand the ring is too big. (This only applies for those who do not have an overly large knuckle). Your finger-size can change due to various factors. Stress levels, cold/hot weather (cold weather cause fingers to shrink, while hot weather cause swelling), pregnancy, activity levels and medications are just a few of them. 

A bit of friction is certainly good, meaning this will prevent the ring falling from your finger.  

Rings that cannot be resized 

Eternity rings with an all-around diamond set cannot be resized. As a result of the diamonds being set all around the band, there is no bare metal to work with and make the resizing done. A half eternity ring is set with diamonds halfway around the band and can be resized. 

Ornate, milgrain or wedding bands that feature some sort of design cannot be resized. 

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