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The Solitaire Identity

In his over twelve years career as a designer of fine jewellery, Grisha Gur has appreciated and cultivated the value of craftsmanship, exquisite design and dedication to quality. As a young adolescent, Grisha built his passion for art and design. Firstly, he began learning the craft of creating from his father, David. In order to enhance his comprehensive knowledge of diamonds and gemstones, Grisha joined the Gemological Institute of America school. There, he mastered the identification and evaluation of coloured stones, along with grading diamonds. He achieved his prestigious credential as a Graduate Gemologist. Henceforth,  Grisha grew his natural design abilities in his family business Vangor Diamonds. In 2015, Solitaire Jewellery was born. Side by side with his wife, Loren, they continue to create timeless engagement rings and exceptional fine jewellery. Appreciation for tradition and having the audacity to discover new areas are essential parts of the Solitaire Identity. From classic bridal sets, to contemporary pieces and rare, vintage rings, the Solitaire family offers beautiful pieces that can meet anyone's taste and may convert to your treasured family heirloom. Our promise to you is our personal attention, expert advice and our simple Solitaire philosophy: connecting to our beloved customers. 

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