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Complimentary Engraving

Is there anything more special than a piece of jewellery, gifted or received, being engraved? Make it individual by adding a touch of intimacy with our Complimentary Engraving service. It is traditional to engrave wedding bands or an engagement ring. 

You want to engrave your piece of jewellery and turn it into a heirloom but have no idea what to exactly write? 

Here are some ideas:

- a romantic quote you've shared before in the past

- a sentimental love phrase

- your engagement or wedding date

- the date of the day you first met her/him

- the name or nickname of your special one

- the initials of both you and your loved one

- date of birth of your child/children

- symbols

- part of your wedding vows

- spiritual or religious verses

- add some humor ("Put me back on!" / "Dibs!"), or an inside joke between the two of you

- meaningful idiom in another language

Want to make it extra special? 

Let us place for you a small diamond or gemstone inside the band of the ring. When choosing a gemstone, you can decide on the colour or go for the birthstone of your loved one. This will contribute to the uniqueness of your ring and symbolise eternal love and partnership. 

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